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Before you decide on the MacBook Air because you're looking for a cheap Mac, read this article. When it launched in the MacBook Air was the lightest laptop available. Over the years that followed, the weight of the MacBook Pro has also declined, so the difference is a lot less than it was. In comparison the 13in MacBook Pro weighs 1. As for size, the MacBook Air is The 13in MacBook Pro is As both laptops come with Touch ID and things like the Force Touch trackpad, but the Touch Bar on the Pro is really the major design difference between the two.

Whether or not you'll find it useful comes down to a combination of personal preference and what software you use. We don't really think that the feature itself is worth buying the Pro for. Read about what you can do with the Touch Bar. Although both Air and Pro come with 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processors, they are different models. The Air might have a more impressive speed of 1.

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The Pro meanwhile is 1. This means it's more powerful overall, hence being chosen for the Pro, while the chip in the Air is more about balancing power and efficiency. It's worth noting that only the Pro can be configured to a couple of different Core i7 processors so is the better choice if you need as much power as possible. The Air only has that one chip. The Pro then goes to GB if you get the most expensive standard model. As usual, you can configure this when purchasing if you need more with the Air going up to 1TB. Where processor speed is clearly in the MacBook Pro's favour, another potentially critical feature is battery life, and this time it's the MacBook Air that wins - though not by much.

The company claims that the Air can handle 12 hours of wireless web browsing and 13 hours of video playback - essentially a full day.

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That's compared to 10 hours of each from the 13in Pro; less, but not by a huge amount. The display was previously an area where the Air and Pro were quite different, but Apple has brought them much closer in The only difference now is that the Pro boasts a nit brightness level and wide colour P3 , but does not quote these for the new Air. Unlike the higher-spec 15in models, the 13in MacBook Pro follows the Air in exclusively using integrated Intel graphics - though they're not identical. As these are all integrated in the processor and it's a similar story of more power with the Pro and a more balanced solution on the Air.

Bear in mind that one will be needed for charging. The two most expensive MacBook Pro models come with four USB-C ports instead of two, which might come in useful depending on what you need the laptop for.

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This matches all the 15in Pro models. On October 20, , Apple released a redesigned On July 20, , Apple released updated models, which also became Apple's entry-level laptops due to lowered prices and the discontinuation of the white MacBook around the same time. In March , the models were refreshed with Broadwell processors, Intel HD Graphics , Thunderbolt 2, and faster storage and memory.

The model remained available for sale after Apple launched the next generation in It was discontinued in July MacBook Air components are officially non-user-replaceable, though third-parties do sell upgrade kits for the SSDs. The flash memory and battery are enclosed within the casing, with RAM soldered onto the motherboard. Due to a more mature manufacturing process, the CPUs in the second-generation MacBook Air perform better under load, as the first generation chips ran at a higher temperature—the processor needed to be throttled to avoid overheating and this further degraded performance.

Although the inch Air is only 0. The inch MacBook Air carried the desirable essential attributes of a netbook , but without the drawbacks of a slower processor and less capable operating system, [53] albeit at a higher price.

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Both of these led to a decline in netbook sales, and most PC manufacturers have consequently discontinued their netbook lines in response. Intel developed a set of specifications for the Ultrabook , a higher-end type of subnotebook produced by various PC manufacturers and usually running Windows. Competing directly with the Air, the Ultrabook is intended to reduce size and weight, and extend battery life without compromising performance.

Through July 1, , the MacBook Air took in 56 percent of all Ultrabook sales in the United States, despite being one of the higher-priced competitors. While several Ultrabooks were able to claim individual distinctions such as being the lightest or thinnest, the MacBook Air was regarded by reviewers as the best all-around Ultrabook in regard to "OS X experience, full keyboard, superior trackpad, Thunderbolt connector and the higher-quality, all-aluminum unibody construction". The Microsoft Surface Pro has a similar size and price to the inch MacBook Air; [74] [75] Apple CEO Tim Cook has criticized the Surface Pro and other Ultrabook hybrids running the touch-based Windows 8 , that attempt to combine laptop and tablet functionality in one device, saying that such devices were confusing like trying to "combine a fridge and a toaster".

When released in October , the inch model's screen resolution was higher than the average x screens of similar sized laptops. However, by mid, with many premium Ultrabooks having high resolution screens p or greater as standard or upgrades, the MacBook Air was increasingly criticized for sticking with a low-resolution screen.

The October [86] [87]. July [88] [89]. June [90] [91]. June [92] [93]. April [94]. March [95]. June [96]. Thickness is reduced to It is available in three finishes, silver, space gray, and gold. Unlike the previous generation, this model cannot be configured with an Intel Core i7 processor, the reason for this is currently unknown.

Apple released updated models in July with True Tone display technology and an updated keyboard using the same components as the MacBook Pro. The third generation MacBook Air follows the design of the previous generation with a tapered aluminum enclosure, but takes some design elements from the Retina MacBook and MacBook Pro , such as a flush display with black bezels and a glossy opaque Apple logo on the rear, and an edge-to-edge trackpad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Macintosh MacBook family. MacBook , MacBook Pro. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models.

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