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How do you save the picture its a jpg. Screen shot made with "Boot updater" preview. It's simple. I have same color problem will you fix it? I'm trying to fix this, I don't have enough time to work with this because of project works. I'll fix this as soon as posible. Thanks for using it! No problem I love it.

Big Thanks. It's a good idea to make a tutorial. I will inform u after making it.

macOS UX Pack 5.0

CustomiseMyGadget Student Artist. A well made bootskin. Thanks bro! Maxpein Student Artisan Crafter. I'm having a problem. Can u explain or screenshot or photo? I'm not really sure how to explain this but the background colour is always different from the Apple Logos surrounding I'll check it. Core Membership. Copy them to System32? Thanks for your patience, and I hope to receive response soon before breaking my system because of the impatience to urgently apply a visual style to the OS. Extras : "Shell Thanks for answering. These instructions should appear in a "txt" inside the "system files" folder with instructions that should be replaced by the originals if the user wishes to have the complete theme.

The "Sierra for Windows 7" folder as it appears when copied to "Customize" does not exit. I have to enter the folder "Sierra for Windows 7", then "Themes" and copy the ".

Thank you for your work. I will soon share a modified topic with you based on this and other topics.

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I will only publish it with your permission, of course, and I will quote you as the lead author. I hope you agree. Okay, no problem! As I mentioned a long time ago, I have made an update, modification of the beautiful theme yours. Attachment link: I hope you like it and do not bother. If you see something you do not like, please tell me.

Thank you. Installation video please, The theme worked but whats on your image is diffrent from mine. You need some extras to look a like your pc like my one.

Pick your Wallpaper and Window Color

Phianhphi Featured By Owner Apr 18, Your work is truly amazing. I'm always customizing my Windows and your work will be used a lot by me. Keep up the great work my friend. You are awesome!!!! Thank you so much, glad you like it. No one have this kind of problem except you!

You make a lot of wonderful themes. So it is sometimes hard to decide which one to use. This one looks fantastic. How do you like it?

Man i am totally speechless! No worries these modifications are for personal use only. No problem my friend. Awsome work. I am gonna use it for a long time as it looks so beautiful. Keep it up bro.

Mac OS X Lion Theme Pack for ocoxumedyh.cf4

Waiting to see more of your themes. Take care. You are very welcome, thank you. Well, I can't understand what you are trying to say! Do I need to update to latest version of theme or Windows? Windows 10 build How do I get rounded borders? Also do the ExplorerFrame and shell32 files work on build ?

Download Mac OSX Lion Inspirat CustoPack for Windows 7

Just apply the theme and you get the rounded borders. The Theme works fine and looks very clean, but sadly I now get an error 0xcb when trying to start some programs. Update: copying the dll files from the 32Bit folder into SysWOW64 seem to fix the error but the theme doesn't look right anymore.

Well, finally understand your problem. Qandarian Featured By Owner Sep 10, Why do you ask?

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