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It concludes with Stevie's supremely powerful "Gold Dust Woman. The group was doing a mountain of cocaine at the time, and it didn't exactly help their endless problems. The song shows Stevie was aware of the toll it was taking on her but seemingly powerless to stop.

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It's a pretty pessimistic way to end the record, but that's where the band was at the time. The group's genius was in the simple fact that they poured all of their pain into songs. America became obsessed with them as if they were a real-life soap opera. It's four decades later, and none of them can get through an interview without being asked to relive this crazy time.

If it sounds like "Oh Well" was recorded by some other Fleetwood Mac, that's because it basically was. Sure, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie have been in the group from the very beginning, but with Peter Green at the helm initially, they were a very different sort of beast.

Reminisce On Ten Of Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits

The blues-rock standard was written by Green in , and it's easy to hear early Led Zeppelin and other s hard-rock bands in the tune. Garage rock bands have been playing it for decades. The group kept it in the setlist for years, and Lindsey Buckingham did a pretty great job singing Peter Green's parts. It was cut from Rumours at the last minute because there simply wasn't enough room.

Stevie was crushed and a decade later, she quit the group, partially because Mick Fleetwood wouldn't let her use the song on a solo compilation. Another full decade later, she returned to the band on a giant cash-in reunion tour. They performed "Silver Springs" at the TV reunion gig, and released that new version as a single.

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  4. VH1 played the hell out of the video and it became a regular part of their gigs. It's a song about how former lovers will never truly be apart, and Stevie has said she derives great satisfaction from singing "You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loved you" night after night as she stands inches away from Lindsey. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were going through a very painful and very public end to their eight-year relationship when they began writing the songs on Rumours.

    Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits - Fleetwood Mac Full Album 2019

    They had clung together over many years of struggle, but enormous success proved harder to endure. Stevie wrote the song months after reading the novel Triad by Mary Leader. It's about a woman possessed by someone named Rhiannon, which is also the name of a Welsh witch. Her vocal performance on the song is a tour-de-force, and it only grew more powerful as the years went by. The song become so huge that many people began to associate Nicks with actual witchcraft.

    She has sung the song at pretty much every concert she's done over the past four decades, but still manages to make it sound fresh each time. Stevie Nicks was only in her mid-twenties when she wrote "Landslide" but somehow, she infused the ballad with decades of wisdom and sorrow.

    'Second Hand News'

    She wrote it in Aspen before joining Fleetwood Mac. Her musical career seemed stuck, and things were rocky with Lindsey. As she contemplated quitting music and returning to school, she looked out at the mountains and thought about an avalanche coming down and swallowing up the house.

    It wasn't a single in the s, but it quickly became a fan favorite.

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    A live version from the Fleetwood Mac reunion concert did come out as a single, bringing the song to a new audience. Many have covered it over the years, from the Dixie Chicks to the Smashing Pumpkins.

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    In many ways, it has become Stevie's signature song, and it's only taken on a greater poignancy as she's gotten older. The kick-off from Rumours is Lindsey Buckingham's finest moment on the album. Many of Stevie's relationship songs are gentle and sad, but this one is loud and furious. Stevie joins him on that famous line though, to this day, she says she resents it, claiming she never "shacked up" with anybody.

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