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Wine takes a different approach to running Windows apps on your Mac. The results are the Windows app being able to run using the host operating systems API instead of those used by Windows.

How to Run Windows on a Mac

The problem is that trying to convert all of the Windows API calls is a huge undertaking, and there is no guarantee that an app you want to use has had all of its API calls successfully translated. Although the task seems daunting, Wine does have quite a few app success stories, and that's the key to using Wine, checking the Wine database to make sure the Windows app you need to use has been successfully tested using Wine.

Wine is distributed via tarballs or. After the installation is complete, Wine has to be run from the Terminal, though once a Windows app is up and running you will be using the standard Mac GUI.

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Crossover Mac is an app from Codeweaver designed to make the best use of Wine translator see above in a Mac environment. It includes an easy to use installer for both the Crossover Mac app and for installing Windows apps on your Mac. This means Crossover Mac has the same issues as Wine when it comes to apps actually working correctly.

Your best bet is to use the database of working apps on the CrossOver website to ensure the app you want to run will actually work. This option is listed last because you aren't actually running Windows on your Mac. The results are the Windows desktop appearing in a window on your Mac.

Download and Install VirtualBox

Within the window you can manipulate the Windows desktop, launching apps, moving files around, even playing a few games, though graphic-intensive games or apps are not a good choice due to the limits of how fast the remote Windows desktop can be sent across a network connection to your Mac. Installation and setup are easy enough, you can download the app from the Mac App Store. Once installed you need only enable remote access on the Windows system , and then select the Windows system within the Remote Desktop app to access and use its apps.

Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Make sure you have that ready. Step 1: Insert and then open the flash drive. Leave the flash drive connected to the Mac for the rest of job. Make sure there are no other flash drives or external hard drives connected to the Mac.

You can also quickly search for it using Spotlight.

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

Step 3: Make sure all three tasks Create a Windows 7 or later version install disk , Download the latest Windows support software from Apple and Install windows 7 or later version are checked. Then click Continue. If you put it elsewhere on the computer, you'll need click on Choose and browse for it. The flash drive will be automatically chosen as the install disk if it's the only flash drive plugged in. Verify everything then click on Continue. Boot Camp Assistant will then confirm the erasing of the flash drive before turning it into a Windows 10 install disk make sure you have no important information on the flash drive.

After that it will also download the latest Windows support software onto the flash drive. Step 5: Boot Camp Assistant will prompt you to choose the size of the partition that you'll use for Windows.

How to Run Windows on a Mac |

Use the slider to select the size. Windows 10 itself requires at least 20GB to install, so you'll want more than that to make room for software and data. Note that this is the only time you can pick the partition size for Windows so make sure you make up your mind before continue.

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Once done, without removing the flash drive, click on Install. The partitioning will takes place and then the Mac will restart. This is the end of part 2. Make sure the flash drive remained plugged in for the entire part 3. Step 1: The Mac will automatically boot up from the flash drive and start the Windows Setup process. You'll be prompted to choose the Language, Time and currency format, and Keyboard settings for Windows.

Do this, then click on Next. Step 2: Enter the Windows 10 product key if you have it, then click on Next , or click on Skip. The installation process will then ask you to confirm the Windows edition you want to install, and ask you to agree to the terms and conditions.

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  6. This is the partition you want to install Windows 10 on. You can use it to access the Start menu and quickly switch between the apps you have running. This clever hack means you can finally use the Touch Bar under Windows Using a special driver and a registry entry, it is possible to switch to that second configuration, then use another driver to turn the Touch Bar into a second screen. There are some limitations, however. Touch ID does not work, and in its current form, this hack allows the Touch Bar to simply mirror the bottom portion of your primary display when running Windows