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For a faster and more convenient way to switch between accounts, you can use Fast User Switching, which lets you switch accounts. Fast switching just gives.

Go for Chrome or Firefox.

Pros: Nothing. Cons: Missing? Not compatible with new Macs. Internet Explorer used to be pretty good browser for Windows.

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In my opinion Mac users do not need it. Def ault OS X browser is almost perfect.

If you are looking for the alternative to Safari - Google Chrome may be a good choice. I have downloaded IE just to make sure that it is useless. It did not work on my Mac. It is not compatible with Intel based machine so it can be used on old Macs only. Cons: not compatible with new Macs More. I am a mac user with a genuine need for internet explorer I'm from the UK This means I have to use someone elses PC to do my online banking. This is not a nostalgic value Pros: speed.

Cons: nothing More. What do you think about Internet Explorer? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?

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Summarizing, Chrome presents a third party great choice, in terms of speed, efficiency and functionality. Torch browser for Mac is an app intended to be different from the norm. It was developed by Torch Media, based on the open source Chromium code. Torch has been available as commercial freeware since , and used by more than 10 million people.

Besides displaying websites, Torch also gives the user the capacity to share websites via social networks, and to download torrents with its built-in torrent client. It also has the ability to download Instagram and Vine videos. In addition, the developers offer Torch Music, a free service that helps in organizing YouTube videos.

Torch presents a user friendly interface, which allows the user to customize according to his preferences by using a set of available themes.

On the downside, it is slow and users may be asked to install unwanted toolbars and adware. In summary, Torch is the best internet browser for Mac for those users that love torrent downloads and want to use something out of the norm.

The Opera browser for Mac is a freeware developed by Opera Software. It has more than million users worldwide. This browser uses Blink as a layout engine, and it has many features that were original in Opera, and later adopted by other browsers. It also has speed dials, which allows the user to download pages and show them in thumbnail form.

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In addition, this browser checks websites against a list of sites known for phishing and malware. MS RDP is a separate product. Tetsujin is correct. That, or other 3rd party tools, can be used to connect remotely from your Mac to view your Windows desktop - whether a server or an actual PC.

You will need the IP or Machine name if on a local network , access granted by your IT or specifically on the Windows machine, and, the login and pw for that Windows machine. You mention your work computer. What I've typed may or may not be permitted depending on the company.

3 Ways To Get Internet Explorer For Mac (including Mojave)

It's set company by company. You should check with your work IT for additional instructions. HP Elite.