how to see hidden files on usb mac

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If that means that it could be completely unreadable? Or where I need to go from here. Hope we can figure this out.

How to Recover Files from Corrupted WD Passport

Maybe you should try to check the USB port in which you are connecting the drive i. Also, you can try to connect the drive in any other macOS if possible. I think you need to erase your disk once with the Disk Utility. Backup all your data and format it using Mac OS Journaled. Chances are high it will then be used as a Time Machine backup drive. I did that after I downloaded files I wanted. Then later after I erased everything and screen indicated that the external drive was empty I had the message reappear.

I think the drive must be faulty. This was the message i had after erasing the disk drive. Any suggestions? External Drives for Mac.

How to fix WD My Passport for Mac hard drive not mounting?

Indirakumar August 17, , am 1. You can use the link below. DonaldKepler September 14, , am 5. DonaldKepler September 18, , am 8. Jul 30, 6, 1 45, 3, WarrencFry :. Thanks for the warm welcome and the help. Cause the original computer is dead I'm not sure how to check on how it was initiated. On the disk permissions side there were no problems found with the WD device but it doesn't allow me to click Verify or Repair Disk Permissions. I tried re-installing the drives but no dice.

WD my Passport external hard-drive set up guide for Mac

Thank you again for your help. Dave Honorable. Jan 1, 10 11, OKay hmm thinking, still thinking , oh if I remember add time machine to the dock if not already added control-click on TM in the dock select "browse other TM disk" see if this works.

Welcome to the TH community, WarrencFry! I'd recommend you to check how the WD My Passport would be recognized in the Mac where the backup was initiated.

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Another thing you could try is to Repair Disk Permissions through Disk Utility on the Mac computer you are currently using. Hopefully, that will let you access your My Passport content.

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