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The most up-to-date Mac OS X version I found lives here at Softonic , although older versions are hosted on the official downloads page too. GBA titles too.

VBA-M Emulator for GBA on Mac OS X | Emuparadise

The main issue I found was the initial size of the screen, with a tiny resolution by default everything is really small. A quick visit to Options then Video should help you sort it out and unleash the pixels. Game Boy Advance games also worked without a hitch, and certainly provides improved graphics and sound. If you like to show off speed-runs, that kind of thing , you can also record. AVI video or take snapshots from the Tools then Record menu. Gameplay over visuals, right?

Have you tried Visual Boy Advance? Any favourite titles from the system? Remember all that time you spent playing Tetris? Confess in the comments, below.

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Your email address will not be published. Also, I know that this question was answered previously by Jerry, but he answered the question if it was being run on a PC. I need a solution that works with Mac. I am using both.

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  • VisualBoyAdvance;
  • Mac Boy Advance is a GameBoy/GameBoy Color/GameBoy Advance emulator for Mac OS.

You can't open it directly from the Finder. Regarding the. Like the save file, you can't open this file directly from the Finder either. As for whether the save worked properly, that's trickier.


When you save, does a small, red 'Wrote Battery' appear in the bottom left corner after a second or two? If no, it hasn't written properly. If it does, though: try starting a new game, saving, and seeing if your changes stick. If they still don't, it might be a problem with either [A] the emulator it could have the wrong save file type , or [B] the save file itself, if it is locked or placed in a directory without write permissions.

It's a problem with Mavericks. What it works if I replace the app for vba with the one from the. Then i get to continue the game.

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